What You Need To Know About A White Bond Paper?

Do you know that when you give some document to the printing service provider, which papers they use for printing? If you don’t know this matter, you should definitely ask to the printing service provider and if they are not using white bond paper, you should move on to another one as the white bond papers means quality.

The name bond arrived from the fact that these papers were used to print government bonds initially. Nowadays, these papers are used in multiple applications and mostly used for electronic printing of documents.

Also, these papers are used for office stationary like letterhead, marketing letters and envelopes. The main reason for the usage is the thickness of these papers which is far greater than ordinary papers.

The print is easily readable and you can expect excellent quality of printing on these papers.

So if your printing service provider is not using white bond papers, insist them to use.

Main Source : http://printservicemelbourne.blogspot.in/2016/10/what-you-need-to-know-about-white-bond.html